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Whitewater Rafting

Jasper is well know for every level of rafting you can imagine.  From family friendly scenic floats to adrenaline pumping river adventures, we have something for everyone.  Whichever water adventure you choose you are guaranteed a safe experience with certified raft guides who have been providing quality, high grade rafting adventures in the Canadian Rockies since the early 90's. 

whitewater rafting JasperOn the Athabasca River (a Class II or Beginner Level river), two different raft excursions are offered. The 2 hour Mile 5 Run is great for families and is suited for all ages. The cost of this round trip tour is $68/adult and $34/children under 12 plus taxes. For families looking for a slightly longer tour, another exciting options on the Athabasca River is the Canyon Run. This is a 3 hours round trip tour suitable for any Jasper visitors over the age of 6. It costs $88 /adult and $42 /children under 12 plus taxes.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous you may want to try a tour on the Sunwapta River. This is a Class III or Intermediate Level river. The Sunwapta River Run is a 3-3.5 hour round trip tour and is appropriate for anyone 14 years old or older and must weigh 90lbs or more. The cost of this tour is $94 /person plus taxes. whitewater rafting Jasper

Allow us to help you choose the trip most appropriate for you.  Call us at 1 800 565 7547 or email us at to inquire.

(Prices subject to 5% gst and 2% Destination Management Fee)