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Wildlife and McBride Train Tour Deal

Experience our Jasper Wildlife Tour, one of Jasper’s most outstanding iconic tours as you explore different ecosystems within the park. Also, travel a little further abroad on the “VIA Train” into beautiful British Columbia!


Join us on McBride Train Tour into British Columbia on the VIA Skeena Train and spend another day on our Wildlife Tour to see all of the sights and wildlife in Jasper!


To book please contact us:

+1 780 852 4056


Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Duration: 6 -7 hours

Adult: $193

Child: $94


train small banner montainsMcBride Train Tour
‍This train tour variation will have you start off from Jasper on a guided sightseeing tour and return to Jasper on the Via Skeena Train departing from the McBride Train station. Similar stops are completed on this slightly longer version of the Dunster tour, with Mount Robson ranking high on the list. Explore a little further into British Columbia along the Robson Valley with the snow capped Cariboo Mountains on one side, the majestic Rocky Mountains on the other as you make your way to the quaint McBride Train Station.


Jasper Wildlife Discovery TourBear in a Canadian national park forest
‍With thousands of pristine acres and a small population, Jasper is the ultimate place to go sightseeing and to view wildlife in their natural surroundings. Join our informative wildlife tour and discover Jasper’s hidden gems all while seeking out the regions furry original inhabitants! Elk, deer, bear, moose and mountain goats are just a sample of the many wild animals roaming the park.


Friendly Guides
Join friendly local guides for an informative adventure. Our knowledgeable guides are trained to seek out all of the park’s most iconic sightseeing opportunities and creatures.

VIA Rail Trains
Sit back and relax as you take in the surroundings along the Fraser River with views of Moose Lake and Mount Robson.

Rearguard Falls
Take in the cascading water of Rearguard falls during the summer or join us in late summer to catch the Chinook Salmon run.